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How can I choose the best stock trading platform in Ireland?

When choosing an online stock trading platform, consider the following factors:

Broker commission. This is a commission that is charged every time you buy and sell shares. Brokers charge different commissions depending on the product you are trading (e.g. global stocks, local stocks, options), how often you trade per month, and the size of the trade.
Monthly payment. Some brokers in Ireland charge an ongoing subscription fee or an additional inactivity fee if you do not make any trades for a certain period of time. This may not suit you depending on your trading requirements.
Availability of recommendations and study options. Online brokers sometimes offer market news and updates, as well as other research tools that allow you to study the trading history of individual stocks.
Integration with bank accounts. Some services allow you to easily transfer money from your trading account to a transaction or savings account. Others offer linked debit cards to use with your accounts.
Access to world markets. If you want to invest in international exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), check out what options are available.
Support. Check what level of customer support is available, what hours it is available and if the support team is based in Ireland. This is especially important for beginner traders.

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